Journal Publications

Knorre A. (2020) “Do Russian Police Fabricate Drug Offenses? Evidence From Seized Heroin’s Weight Distribution.” Journal of Drug Issues, Vol 50, Issue 4, 2020,

Under Review

“Safer at War: Comparing Risks of Firearm-Related Death and Injury Among Young Adult Males in U.S. Cities to Wartime Service in Iraq and Afghanistan” (with Brandon del Pozo, Aaron Chalfin, and Michael Mello)

“Cost of Crime in Russia: a Compensating Variation Approach” (with Ruslan Kuchakov, Dmitry Skougarevskiy, and Leonid Zhizhin)

“Crime and Criminal Justice in Russia in 2000-2020: an Overview” (with Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Ekaterina Khodzhaeva, Kseniia Runova, and Kirill Titaev)

Working Papers

“Hydra: A Quantitative Overview of the World’s Largest Darknet Market” (with Priyanka Goonetilleke and Artem Kuriksha). Preprint at SSRN,

“Shootings and Land Use” (with John MacDonald)

“Enduring Effect of Shooting Victimization” (with John MacDonald)

“When Do Shootings Happen? An Analysis of Time Cyclicity”

“What Explains The Great Homicide Drop in Russia? Evidence From Regional Panel Data”

Publications in Russian

Verkeev A., Volkov V., Dzmitryieva A., Knorre A., Kudryavtsev V., Kuznetsova D., Kuchakov R., Titaev K., Khodzhaeva E. (2019). “How to study victims of crime?”. Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes.

Knorre A., Titaev K. (2018) Crime and victimization in Russia: results from Russian Crime Victimization Survey. Research report.

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Sarang A., Knorre A., Litavrin M. (2017) The cost of freedom: an online survey of drug-related bribes to police. Research report. PDF

Knorre A. (2017) Drug offenses in Russia: an analysis of crime- and court-level statistics. Research report.

Knorre A., Skougarevsky D., edited by Shklyaruk M. (2015) How do police and DEA fight drugs [in Russia]: a comparative analysis of their effectiveness. Research report.