Alex Knorre


I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science at Boston College. I use statistics to study crime, gun violence, homicide, drugs, and victimization. I got my PhD in Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania, where I also obtained my M.A. in Statistics. My research has been published in Criminology & Public Policy, Journal of Criminal Justice, and JAMA Network Open. I currently serve as a managing editor of Journal of Quantitative Criminology.

selected publications

  1. NBER
    Did Violence Against Asian-Americans Rise in 2020? Evidence from a Novel Approach to Measuring Potentially Racially-Motivated Attacks
    Knorre, Aleksei, Van Tiem, Britte,  and Chalfin, Aaron
    Feb 2024
  2. C&PP
    Hydra: Lessons from the world’s largest darknet market
    Goonetilleke, Priyanka,  Knorre, Alex,  and Kuriksha, Artem
    Oct 2023
  3. J of Crim Justice
    Shootings and Land Use
    Knorre, Alex,  and MacDonald, John
    May 2023
  4. JAMA Netw Open
    Comparing Risks of Firearm-Related Death and Injury Among Young Adult Males in Selected US Cities With Wartime Service in Iraq and Afghanistan
    del Pozo, Brandon,  Knorre, Alex, Mello, Michael,  and Chalfin, Aaron
    Dec 2022